Friday, November 15, 2013

The Wait is Killing Me!

As you all know, I'm off at college, and my mission call was sent to my home. About 200 miles away... Yesterday my mom checked the mailbox, and guess what was inside? My mission call!! When I was sent this picture, my heart started racing! I have a mission call, I have a mission call, I HAVE A MISSION CALL!!  Like an official envelope, with my own name on it. It's just way too exciting. I'm going crazy.  The really hard part is that I have to wait... Since I'm off at college, I have to finish my week before I get to travel home and open it! I want to open it right now. Right this very second, but I only have to wait a few more hours. Yikes!!!  I couldn't even sleep last night, that's how excited I am. My heart is still just pounding, I don't think it will stop until I open that envelope and start reading, "Dear Sister Karratti, you have been called to serve as  a missionary..." Oh my goodness! This wait is killing me! Can it just be tonight already?

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