Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week Full of a Lot of FIRSTS!

¡Hola everyone!
How is everyone this week? I hope everyone had a great week, and you're all happy! First of all, I want you to know that this is my last P-Day here in the CCM! Yay!! Next P-Day I will be traveling to my mission so I won't be able to write you all sadly... Sorry!  But, after this week, my P-Day's will be on Mondays. Anyways, it's really weird to think that this is my last P-Day here in the CCM. Don't get me wrong, I love the CCM, but I am so excited to finally be in my mission doing what I am supposed to be doing! I cannot wait for that! I will be sad however to say goodbye to my zone. We have all grown very close in the past 5 weeks and I am sad that I will have to say goodbye to them. But it's okay, a lot of them go to BYU anyways, so I'll be able to see them after.
Last P-Day with my Group

First funny thing, I have been told I look like Mandy Moore, more times this week than I know how to count. So basically, you all know a movie star... Just to let you know!

So, this week was different than the other weeks that we've had here. Since we're avanzados, we've been helping all the new missionaries here get adjusted to the CCM. It's weird having them ask me questions, but I feel super cool when I know the answers! The other day one of the new Elders (we call him Captain America. He is apparently a competitive body builder and says that everyone calls him Captain America since that's who he looks like. He told us all to call him Captain America.), so Elder Captain America, asked me to ask one of the Latino Elders a question, and I felt super awesome when I was able to actually ask the question and everything! Seriously, I felt like a million bucks! I'm starting to understand this language!! (Thanks for the prayers in my behalf, they're really helping out!!)

The Avancados
Translation: The Advanced or those getting ready to leave the CCM
So, this week has been a lot of firsts for me. I am now past my FIRST month on a mission, I gave my FIRST talk in church completely in español, I felt my FIRST earthquake, and I paid for the bathroom for the FIRST time.

Yesterday, I had the fun opportunity to talk in church. How they run the talks here, is that weekly we are given a topic to write our talks about, and on Sunday after the sacrament, whoever is conducting stands at the pulpit and says, "This week we'll be listening to..." Usually they have 2 Hermanas and 2 Elders speak, so yesterday when he started reading off the names. He said one other Hermana, and Hermana Hoskins. I kinda giggled cause I thought my companion would have to speak and not me. But, to no avail, he then continued and said another Hermanas name, and he completed with saying, "...for our last speaker we will hear from Hermana Karratti." My companion quickly turned to me and started giggling at me. It was quite funny. So, when it was my turn I went up and gave a talk completely in Spanish! GO ME!

Anyways, on Saturday we my district had a great experience. A stake here in Lima brought their youth and primary age kids to the CCM for a tour and so they could talk to the missionaries. We were able to talk with the youth, share our testimonies and learn a lot about them. And during a break in between classes my district went outside and all the primary kids came walking by. It was like a parade! "¡MISIONERAS!" All the little niñas were giving us kisses on our cheek, and the little niños were shaking our hands. It was so adorable!! I felt like a Disney Princess or something at Disneyland. Then afterwards, all the leaders wanted us to take pictures with them. So, we did! It was so much fun! I felt like their hero or something and they were all telling me I was so tall, and beautiful, and I just felt like a million bucks! Talking about being tall... I feel like a GIANT here! The tallest Peruvian I have met here is about 5´5, if that tall. I honestly feel like I am some huge giant next to all of them. And I'm not even the tallest out of my district.
Group of Little Niños
Other than that fun experience, I also had another not so fun but weird experience. I had to pay for my first bathroom this week! Isn't that interesting? In Perú, the water system isn't the greatest, and the bathroom is a very special place, to put it into nice terms. Anyways, to use a restroom, you must pay like 2 soles (which is about .72 in USD) and then you are able to use it. Kinda a weird experience, but one worth writing about!

Last interesting experience this week was I felt my first earthquake. I don't know how big it was or where it was, but it was about 11:30 at night and our beds started shaking for about 5-10 seconds. Of course everyone woke up, and my companion looked up at me (I'm on the top bunk) and she was like, "Did you feel that? I think we just felt an earthquake!" All the latinas started freaking out, and it took a long time to get them to calm down and go back to bed. The next morning the missionaries all talked about it, and we had all felt the earthquake. So I can now say that I have felt my first earthquake! Woo!
I Love These Girls!!
Hermana Hunsaker and Hermana Olivas (the one who is being held),
they are the 2 I have come the closest with while being here at the MTC.
Anyways, I can't wait for next week when I will actually be in my mission!! This Saturday I will again be proselyting in my mission and then I'll be back there in 2 days after that to offically be a missionary there! I honestly cannot wait!

Well, I love you all and I miss you all terribly! Hope to hear from ALL of you soon! (Hint hint... write me!) You're all in my prayers. Hope you have a great week!

Con amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hola everyone!!
So how is everyone this wonderful day? How was everyone´s Easter Sunday? Easter Sunday here was beautiful. A little different, but beautiful. Rather than Easter being the beginning of Spring, it´s the beginning of fall here so it´s a little different that way, but really it was great! We had an Easter MTC devotional and we were able to listen to President Uchtdorf and he was amazing! He always has those little sayings that are just exactly what I need to here, "If you want to punch Satan in the face? Preach the gospel!" Isn´t that just so great? It was just what I needed. Kind of a funny little saying, but it´s true.

Anyways, so many awesome things have happened this week. My prayers have truly been answered and I can really feel the love of my Heavenly Father for me. So first off, we teach "investigators" everyday, and the investigators are just our teachers who act as investigators that they all taught on their missions. But anyways, this week my companion, Hermana Hoskins, and I taught an investigator "Gisel" and let me just tell you, our last lesson with him was the most amazing lesson I´ve ever been in! The spirit was so strong, and I was floating on cloud 9 after the lesson. Anyways, after the lesson my companion and I went outside to have a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for being with us during the lesson. And right as we finished our lesson, we had another teacher ask us if we would help him. We said yes, and then he asked us if we would teach a less-active family a lesson. And my companion asked, "A real family?" he told us, "Yes a real family!" So we went on to teach our lesson, and holy goodness! It was so awesome! I taught a real family... IN ESPAÑOL! Isn´t that so great? I was just so happy afterwards. But honestly that wasn't the end...
Our District with Hermana Loyaza
Today we were able to go through the Temple with one of our teachers, Hermana Loyaza!
She told all of us to tell our families Hello!  She's the greatest teacher ever!
The very next day, our morning teacher, Hermana Loyaza (who is honestly my favorite teacher), had a friend who hasn´t gone to church since she was a young teenager and she wanted us to teach her a little more about the gospel for practice. My entire district asked Hermana Loyaza if this was real or if she was just acting. And she told us, no this is real. I asked her to come, so please teach with the spirit. After she said that, I had the feeling that my companion and I should go first. So we did, and we walked down the hall to the other classroom where her friend would be. And we were just about to knock on the door and we looked at each other and my companion said, "Hermana Karratti, what are we even going to teach her?" I looked back at her and said, "I don´t know, but I have a feeling that we´ll be just fine. Let´s just get in there!" 

So, we knocked on the door... "Hola! Buenos Dias! Somos misioneras de La Iglesia de Jesucristo..." Anyways, she let us in and we started the lesson. It was the hardest start ever!! She just sat there with her arms folded and had this blank stare. It was so difficult. Like we had no idea how this lesson was going to unfold. Well, I decided to ask her why she didn´t go to church and she gave many excuses, like I don´t have transportation. I have work on Sundays, and a lot of others. And my companion was right on it. And she asked her to read a scripture out of D&C. D&C 20:75 and this is what it says, "It is expedient tha the church meet together often to partake of bread and wine in the rememberance of the Lord Jesus." 

Once she read it, I asked her how she felt about it, and she sat there silent for about 3 minutes. And then she started crying, and my companion and I looked at eachother and we were just like "Do you feel this?" The spirit was filling that entire room! Oh my goodness. Jessica (our investigator) started telling us that she didn´t feel worthy to be at church. Everyone there seems so perfect and she wasn´t even close to it. I cannot explain the feeling that came over me. I started crying, and I told her, that no one is perfect. I told her that there is only one perfect man who ever lived on the earth. And I showed a picture of Jesus Christ and she started crying even more. I told her how much Christ loves her, and he wants more than anything for her to turn to him. The lesson went on, and we shared our testimonies about the atonement and repentance. When we ended the lesson, she was smiling and we could feel the spirit so strongly in that lesson! I asked her if she would give the closing prayer, and at first she refused, but we told her that she could do it! She ended up saying the prayer, and during the prayer she said, "Thank you Heavenly Father for sending these 2 angels into my life." All of us were crying, and we after the prayer we all hugged and it was beautiful! I felt the spirit so strongly at that moment. We finally looked at how long we had been in there. We were in there teaching her for about an hour. We were teaching a lesson in Spanish for an hour! How neat is that?? I can´t explain the feeling that I was feeling afterwards. But it was truly amazing.
Elder Pawn-Kalilikane and I
He is from Molokai'i and he knows a certain Elder who served in Hawaii.
Elder Karratti came to his house for dinner!!
So, all in all, this week was amazing! We went proselyting in my mission on Saturday!  I have officially been to my mission! And, I cannot wait to be serving there in 2 weeks! 2 more weeks and I'll be in my mission! 1 month down, and 17 more to go. Wow!! Anyways, while we were in my mission, I was taught a lot about my mission.  My mission is one of the poorest missions in all the Lima missions.  The houses that we went in were literally cement floors, cement walls, with a metal sheet as their roof.  It was so humbling to know how much I have at home, and people here seriously have nothing, and they are so happy! How is that possible?

Well, this week was amazing and I cannot wait for more weeks like this.  I love being a missionary, it's the greatest calling in the entire world!  Since I have been here for 1 month, my group is now the advancados here, or in other words, we're the big man on campus. Oh joy!
I Love My District!!
My companion and I are trying to really learn our Spanish even more. For the past week we have been trying to learn 50 new words per day, and it´s a struggle but we have been able to do it! Spanish is coming! Yay!!!

I love you all, and I know that without a doubt in my mind that this church is true. It´s the one and only true church on the earth today. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! He has answered mine this week and I´m so happy that he did. I miss you all, and you are all in my prayers. 

I hope this email finds you all well, and you all know that I love you and miss you!

Con amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin´ in Perú

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 3 at the CCM

Hola my friends and family!
So much has happened this week and I can´t believe that I´m halfway through the MTC! And I´m offically not a "newbie" anymore! Yay for that!! The Spanish is coming along surprising well. I went from understanding about 9% of my class to undertsanding about 50% of it. I'm really happy about it. 
Our New Soccer Jersey's!
We've been teaching investigators (who are just other teachers) and I'm really surprised at how much I actually know! Exciting times for Hermana Karratti!!

Along with other exciting times. I am the music person here at the CCM, surprised? We had a huge fireside for the President of all international MTC's here at the CCM and I was in charge of all the music. The prelude, opening and closing, and special musical number. It was amazing! The President came up to me afterwards and he kept telling me how amazing it all sounded. I was so happy with the entire performance!
My Companion and I Shopping Today
So how is everyone? I miss you all like crazy but this time is really flying by so quickly! Also, please write your missionaries! Even though I can't send letters out... Sorry I've tried and I can't. But I can recieve them! Tell everyone to send their missionaries a letter! They mean the world to us! Emails are great, but I only have 1 hour.

I am loving it here, every day I wake up and am so happy that I'm here in Perú!
The Crowded Bus
Surprisingly, this one wasn't as crowded!
I can feel my Heavenly Fathers love every day and I couldn't be more lucky to be serving along with such wonderful sisters in my district. They are the best!
District Drawing
Hermana Davis in my District is an artist!
This picture doesn't show her full talent, but she's really amazing!
So, the other day she drew all of us on the chalk board.
Can you tell which one is me? 

(HINT: Karate Kick)
Also something so exciting is happening this week! We're going prozelyting... In the Lima Norte Mission! Isn't that great?
Captain America and Spider-Man
I'm so excited to go out and experience it all. I'll tell you all about it next week!

I love you all and I miss you!

Con amor,

Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mighty Change of HAIR

¡Hola everyone!
Week 2 of the CCM and I am no longer a newbie! I am officially an Intermediate Missionary!  Ahhh! 
Hermana Hoskins and Herm'ANNA' Karratti at the CCM (Perú MTC)
Okay, I know what you´re all wondering. What in the heck does my subject mean?  Well... I CUT MY HAIR!  Weird, huh?  It´s true.  I cut 5 inches off my hair and it´s so different.  But honestly I LOVE IT!!!

Okay, so here's the layout of how my week went.  We started teaching investigators this week... IN ESPAÑOL!  It was the freakiest, most spiritual moment ever.  But hey, I made it through so that's a good thing... right?  My companion, Hermana Hoskins, and I were so nervous for our first investigator, but the more we taught the better it got.  

How did everyone like Conference? Wasn´t it so amazing?? I paid more attention to Conference this time than I think I ever have before. And, I took something so amazing away from every single one of the talks. They truly are called of God.
With Hermana Hoskins at the Temple
My compañeras is Hermana Hoskins, she´s from Saratoga Springs Utah, and she sings!!
 We did a musical number on Sunday and I played and she sang. It was beautiful

Anyways, I am so happy to be here in the beautiful land of Perú. The more I find out about this amazing place, the more I fall in love with it. 
Perúvian Pants
So, everyone knows how much I love my yoga pants.
Well, we found some Peruvian Pants that are even better!
What?  Better than yoga pants?  Yes, it's true!  I am obsessed with them!
The other day some of the missionaries went to Interpol (which is like a place that you go to to get your Perúvian ID card) and we had so many people come up to us asking about the gospel. It truly hit me that I am a missionary and I can make a difference! It was such an amazing experience. We told them in our very 3 week old spanish about Jesucristo and Padre Celestial. But, even though we could barely say more than a few words, we could just see that they understood what we were saying and that they felt the spirit.
 I am a missionary and I can't think of anything better!
So, a few of you have told me about some earthquake? Well, we didn´t feel anything so we are good!  But, thank you for caring!

But, I want to leave you with this, that I know that this church is true. I know it more now than I´ve ever known it before. I know that this gospel can and will change lives. The Book of Mormon is true! Just open it up and read it, it´s awesome!

My Amazing District at the Temple
(Left to Right: Hermana Hoskins, ME, Hermana Davis, Hermana Purse, Hermana Hunter, Hermana Arroyo)
I love and miss you all! And, keep the missionaries in your prayers! During this weeks devotional we listened to Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, Sister Bednar.  They talked about how families can help missionaries even when their missionaries are in the field. I need your help! Please! Please pray for the missionaries and our companions and for us to learn the language! That part most of all! Thank you!!

Again, I love you all and I miss you.

Con amor,
Herm´ANNA´ Karratti
Preachin´ in Perú

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

¡Hola de Perú!!!!!

Hola my friends and family!
Hermana Karratti is here and alive, and well! Tuesdays are my P-day for those of you who don´t know. I am loving it here. It´s definitely VERY different but honestly I am having an amazing time. I arrived here about 2 AM last Wednesday morning. And let me tell you. This is most certainly NOT America. We walked out of the airport and all the 12 of us missionaries squished in a van. The van was for like 6 people, and we all were in there. Then we headed to the CCM (thats what they call the MTC here) The driving here is absolutely CRAZY! No speed limit signs except on the freeway, horns are everyones best friend, and they don't use their blinkers. Everyone just cuts everyone off. Kinda freaky! Really happy I won´t be driving. But I made it to the CCM alive!

12 Newbie Missionaries ~ Ready to Start "Preachin in Peru"
The first week here has been the longest week of my life! And it´s so different than what I expected at the beginning. There are only 80 missionaries here, so it´s super duper small and we stay inside these brick walls. Some of us feel like prisoners in here. Oh joy! But it's still a wonderful experience. Oh! Mi compeñera is from Utah. Her name is Hermana Hoskins. Here's a picture of us together.

My First Compeñera - Hermana Hoskins
Sorry Mom...I look like a lazy bum, but it's super hot and
 I don't want to wear jeans.  Go BYU and Pizza Factory!

But yesterday was the first day that we got out of here. (I know that's a bad way to think of it. But really we were all so excited to get out of these walls) We went to immigration. And immigration here is kind of like the DMV in the USA but a million times worse! We were there for about 5 hours just to get one paper signed. Ahhhh!!

Today since it's P-day we went to the temple. THE TEMPLE HERE IS SOOO WONDERFUL! Driving to the temple though.... That's scary! The public transportation here is either a Taxi (which are scary) or the Bus (which is still scary, but a little uh... less scary) Anyways, we take the bus to the temple. And the way that they do the bus here is that they try to squish as many people in there at one time so it's more money for less time. We felt like sardines in a can basically. But hey, it's all apart of the experience right? But, like I was saying, the temple is amazing. We went through a session, and even though it was in Spanish and I understood about 10% of it. The spirit was so strong. And everyone here is so kind and loving. Especially to the missionaries. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!

♫  I Love to See the Temple  ♫

Inca Cola ... My Favorite!!
Well, overall it's been an amazing week. There have been ups and downs but I know that this is the place that I need to be. Oh! One last thing! I was made Sister Leader in my District! Sister Leader is the equivalent to Disctrict Leader, but since my District is only Hermana's, they made me in charge. Mom, tell President Bundy this... Please! :)

Called as the Sister Leader to these amazing Hermana's
I really love it here, it's hot and humid, and it smells weird... BUT I LOVE IT!

I couldn't imagine a better place to be. I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. My prayers are with you all. I miss you all like crazy but I'll see you soon!!

Quiero compartir mi testimonio. Yo se que El Libro de Mormón es verdadero y que Jesucristo es el salvador del mundo. Yo se que las familias pueden ser eternas y que es temple es la casa de Dios. José Smith es unprofeta de Dios y el vió a Jesucrist y a Dios.

I love you all!!

Con amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in Perú