Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mighty Change of HAIR

¡Hola everyone!
Week 2 of the CCM and I am no longer a newbie! I am officially an Intermediate Missionary!  Ahhh! 
Hermana Hoskins and Herm'ANNA' Karratti at the CCM (Perú MTC)
Okay, I know what you´re all wondering. What in the heck does my subject mean?  Well... I CUT MY HAIR!  Weird, huh?  It´s true.  I cut 5 inches off my hair and it´s so different.  But honestly I LOVE IT!!!

Okay, so here's the layout of how my week went.  We started teaching investigators this week... IN ESPAÑOL!  It was the freakiest, most spiritual moment ever.  But hey, I made it through so that's a good thing... right?  My companion, Hermana Hoskins, and I were so nervous for our first investigator, but the more we taught the better it got.  

How did everyone like Conference? Wasn´t it so amazing?? I paid more attention to Conference this time than I think I ever have before. And, I took something so amazing away from every single one of the talks. They truly are called of God.
With Hermana Hoskins at the Temple
My compañeras is Hermana Hoskins, she´s from Saratoga Springs Utah, and she sings!!
 We did a musical number on Sunday and I played and she sang. It was beautiful

Anyways, I am so happy to be here in the beautiful land of Perú. The more I find out about this amazing place, the more I fall in love with it. 
Perúvian Pants
So, everyone knows how much I love my yoga pants.
Well, we found some Peruvian Pants that are even better!
What?  Better than yoga pants?  Yes, it's true!  I am obsessed with them!
The other day some of the missionaries went to Interpol (which is like a place that you go to to get your Perúvian ID card) and we had so many people come up to us asking about the gospel. It truly hit me that I am a missionary and I can make a difference! It was such an amazing experience. We told them in our very 3 week old spanish about Jesucristo and Padre Celestial. But, even though we could barely say more than a few words, we could just see that they understood what we were saying and that they felt the spirit.
 I am a missionary and I can't think of anything better!
So, a few of you have told me about some earthquake? Well, we didn´t feel anything so we are good!  But, thank you for caring!

But, I want to leave you with this, that I know that this church is true. I know it more now than I´ve ever known it before. I know that this gospel can and will change lives. The Book of Mormon is true! Just open it up and read it, it´s awesome!

My Amazing District at the Temple
(Left to Right: Hermana Hoskins, ME, Hermana Davis, Hermana Purse, Hermana Hunter, Hermana Arroyo)
I love and miss you all! And, keep the missionaries in your prayers! During this weeks devotional we listened to Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, Sister Bednar.  They talked about how families can help missionaries even when their missionaries are in the field. I need your help! Please! Please pray for the missionaries and our companions and for us to learn the language! That part most of all! Thank you!!

Again, I love you all and I miss you.

Con amor,
Herm´ANNA´ Karratti
Preachin´ in Perú

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