Sunday, December 15, 2013

113th Ward Missionaries

Missionaries from the YSA 113th Ward 
Today was my last Sunday at my college ward. It was also our Christmas program, so it was a wonderful Sunday! During our last hour, we were combined for Elders Quorum and Relief Society, and it was such a fun meeting. During the meeting our Bishop had us who have received our mission calls and who will not be returning next semester, stand and tell everyone where we will be serving and when. It was such an amazing experience to see a ton of my friends stand and talk about their missions. You could see in everyone's faces that they were just so excited! I know I'm excited to serve in Peru! It really was an awesome experience to be apart of. I'm so lucky to have known these amazing Elder's and Sister's for this long, they are truly wonderful! Watch out world!! You have some amazing missionaries coming your way!

I'm so grateful that I was able to be in such a wonderful ward for my first semester of college! I couldn't have been more lucky. They have all been the most amazing spiritual giants in the world! I love each and every one of them and I'm going to miss them all very much! See you soon guys!
YSA 113th Ward
(Please pardon my Bishops finger in the corner)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazing Sisters

As I've been preparing for my mission, I've been really reflecting on amazing women I can look up to. Of course one of the most amazing women that I personally know in my life is my Mother. I don't know where I would be without her. She's been my inspiration and I hope I can be at least half the woman she is. I miss her deeply, and I'm looking forward to the time that I get to spend with her when I get home for the holidays. In the Scriptures, and throughout all of Church history, there are many women that we can all look up to. I'm so grateful for each and every single one of them. Esther, Eve, Sariah, Mary, and so many others! They did so much for us. One of my absolute favorite women in church history is none other, than Emma Smith. 

This song is one of my very favorite church songs, ever! I remember the first time I heard this song, I was at a Joseph Smith Tribute concert. Ever since then, I have loved this song. To reflect on all that Emma went through, is amazing. She's such an inspiring woman. I cannot believe all that she went through and she was so strong throughout the entire thing! I think often times Emma Smith is overlooked or downplayed in the role she played in the restoration. This song gives me chills as I think of all the things she had to endure. I know that she is a great example to me as what a righteous woman should be. 

Listen, it won't be a waste of time, I can guarantee it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

111 More Days

Lately all I can think about is, Peru! Peru this, Peru that, Peru everything!! It's also brought up some amazing missionary experiences that I don't think I would have ever had without my mission call.
The other day I was at the train station waiting for the train on my way back from Salt Lake where I had a doctors appointment. A man sat down next to me, and he started a conversation with me. He told me that he had just returned from a medical trip in Peru, and of course I jumped in and told him that I would soon be traveling to Peru to serve a mission! He asked me what that meant, and I proceeded to tell him about missionary work, which was very exciting for me! It was a really great experience for me. It made me feel like a missionary, and I can honestly say, I loved the feeling! Heavenly Father places us in certain situations for a reason. I'm so thankful for that sweet man sitting next to me and letting me share what I know is true! I cannot wait to serve in just a short 111 days! I'm so anxious to get out there.