Monday, December 29, 2014

Little Miracles

Buenos Dias a todos!!!
How is everyone this week? I hope as always that this finds you all happy and well. It was so great being able to talk to you last week. I cannot tell how happy that made me! Also, I want to make not 1 but 2 shout outs. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! And secondly, Good Luck Hermana Harding!! You will be the greatest missionary ever! Can't wait to hear about all your amazing adventures. 
Mission Christmas Party
Throughout my 9 Months, all my Companions.  I love them all!
Hermana Loca and Hermana Crazy at the Mission Christmas Party
Well, this week was wonderful! I'll start off with Saturday because it was an amazing day! Hermana Felicita was baptized! She has such a strong spirit and the strongest testimony. It was so amazing to be apart of such a special day. But this week started off a little hard for Hermana Felicita, on Friday when we went to visit her we found her soo sick! She told us, "Satan knows he can't tempt my spirit, so he's tempting my body. I really don't like him." We laughed and called the Elders to come and give a blessing. But here's the miracle, Saturday morning we went to her house to check on her, and she was COMPLETLY HEALTHY! She was in tears of joy telling us, "God answered my prayer. I'm going to get baptized!" It was a beautiful day, a beautiful experience, and a beautiful spirit. I love being a missionary!!!
Baptism for Hermana Felicita
Another little miracle that happened this week is that Hermana Aceituno and I found some new investigators! We were heading back home on Friday night and we passed a woman sitting by the river with her 2 children. We went to contact her and see if we could help. She had a lot of bags to take back to her house from her work but she couldn't carry them and her children. So, we helped. But here is my favorite part! We met her 2 daughters, one who is 1 years old is Jocelyn. I was so happy when she told me that. I told her my Best friend is Jocelyn. And afterwards, I met her other daughter who is 4 years old. I asked her name, "Me llamo Anna" I looked at my companion and started laughing. Jocelyn and Anna. How crazy is that? Their mother told me that they are the best of friends. I told her, "Of course they are! It's Anna and Jocelyn."
This week was wonderful and I am so grateful to be in the Lords service. Crazy to think I've been a missionary for 9 months now. Yikes! But I hope everyone has a wonderful week and FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!
Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA Karratti
Predicando en Perú

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hola de Los Angeles

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Mele Kalikimaka! 
Can you believe it? 3 days until I can visit with you all! And I am soo excited for it! Well as you can see from the subject line, I am sadly no longer in Canto Rey. I was transferred to the other side of my mission. To an area called, Los Angeles. (No not California) but my new companion is Hermana Aceuituno from Honduras. She is really great and I'm happy that we're companions. 
My New Companion, Hermana Aceituno
Why are all my companions shorter than me?
Well, as for this area, it's huge! Really it's one of the biggest areas of the mission, but we might hopefully be getting bikes soon! Fingers crossed!! But not really too mucho to report this week, mostly because I am completely lost in my new area. But hey, we're slowly progressing. I am now finally able to find my way back to my apartment. So, that's a good thing! 

Also, this week was really exciting because on of my investigators in my last area in Canto Rey was baptized!! Woo! I was sent the picture, I was sadly not able to attend but Jose one of my converts was able to baptize Yhordali his sister. I am so happy for her! Big welcome to Yhordali Nieva the newest member! 
New Member, Jose, baptized his sister, Yhordali
But that's not the only exciting news about baptism. My companion and I have a baptism this coming Saturday. Her name is Felicita and she is a cutie! We are really excited for her! But the best part is what we found out yesterday! We were at her house teaching her and in walked her Grandson. He looked at me and said he knew me from somewhere. I didn't know where he knew me from, then he reached in to his backpack and pulled out a pamphlet with my and Hermana Espinoza (my first companion)s name on it! Apparently we just contacted him and his family in the street and now they're investigating the church. And now we're teaching his Grandmother who will be getting baptized this week. How crazy it this? It truly is a small world after all.
Hermana Crazy and Hermana Loca
I will miss you, Hermana Alvarez!!
Well I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas! Woo!! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Merry Christmas!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

Monday, December 15, 2014

End of Another Transfer... and 10 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Hola y Buenos Dias!
I hope this finds you all well and happy... like always. This week was certainly a lot better than other weeks in this transfer, but I can't believe that we are again at the end of another transfer. It's crazy to me how fast the time is flying. This week we had some wonderful experiences. And we also found some great new investigators!

First of all, I love Primary. This week my Ward had our Primary program, and as always I was asked to help with the music. I was the pianist for the program and they sounded so great! I love how the tunes are the same in English and Spanish. But I absolutely love the little Primary kids in this Ward. We even had some of our investigators participate. It was wonderful. Such a beautiful spirit.
I Love Primary!
Also this week we were able to help one of our recent converts, Jose finish his house. On Saturday, we were there helping him paint his house, and well, when you mix Hermana Karratti with paint... well you just get a mess. Mostly on Hermana Karratti. We were playing around and we can see who won.... It's the one with the less paint on her face. I was trying to be all nice with Hermana Osinaga but she had a different thought in mind. What a crazy girl! But it was really fun!
Service Project / Paint Fight with Hermana Osinaga
Monday was P-Day and my Zone went to a big park. We played around, and of course played tons of soccer. I think I might be beginning to be good. Ha that's a lie. I'll always suck at this game. But our favorite part was finding this elephant thing. My companion loves elephants so we took a picture. We were able to get on top and dress up! Kinda fun!
Elephant Ride with Hermana Osinaga
Well I love you all and I can't wait to talk to you next week! Yay!!! 10 more days until Christmas. Have a wonderful week and know you're all in my thoughts and prayers. 

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

Monday, December 8, 2014

17 Days Until CHRISTMAS!!

Good Morning one and all!
I hope as always that this letter finds you all well and happy. This week has been fun. Well, don't know exactly how to explain it. It started off great! But Wednesday night found us yet again with Hermana Osinaga sick. Please keep her in your prayers. Please! She's not doing so well. We had the mission president come visit and see if there was anything he could do. But sadly there isn't. All of the tests that my companion had last week while she was in the hospital have all come back with nothing. So we don't know what she has. All I know, please keep her in your prayers!
My Silly Companion and I
Well the start of last week was great! We bought a Christmas tree, and decorated the house a little. But to be honest, it doesn't feel anything like Christmas here. Burning hot and it's just very different here. I don't know how to exactly explain it, but kinda missing the cold weather. But hey! We do have Christmas in a short 17 days. Really excited about that!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!
Our New Christmas Tree!
The most exciting part about this week was we had a service project this week yet again up in the Cerros (hills). I don't know why, but I love working up in the Cerros. We were helping a family build their house, and we were helping take bricks from the bottom up to the top. We had a little assembly line going on. But at the end, a few of us had a little competition. We had a bag that had 3 bricks in it, and we had races to see who could bring the bag to the top the fastest. Sadly I didn't get first. But we did have a fun time. Teaching up in the Cerros all the time is really helping apparently!

I hope as always everyone is happy and well. Thank you for all you do. I love and miss you all. I hope you have a wonderful wintery week!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

Monday, December 1, 2014

Feliz Diciembre!

Good Morning everyone!
Well I will let you know off the bat, this email sadly won't be the most interesting or the longest for the fact. And I am sorry. This past week was very hard. After internet last week, my companion Hermana Osinaga, started having a huge headache. It wasn't just a normal headache, but she was crying and she was in a lot of pain. Well, we took her to the hospital, and we were there for a few days. We were finally able to leave the hospital late Thursday night. Not the most eventful week I'll tell you that. All I ask is that you keep my companion in your thoughts and prayers. She's slowly recovering, not 100% yet but slowly she's getting better.

If I could tell you the most exciting thing that happened this week was that on Saturday morning we were able to see another Llama! We received a call from our ward Mission Leader (who is seriously the best mission leader in the world) and he was telling us that he was on our way to our house with a surprise. We laughed and said okay, we're waiting. About 5 minutes afterwards we have a knock on our door with Miguel standing with a llama! Of course we took pictures. How couldn't we? 

Also, the church is just awesome! Well of course you all know that, but I don't know if you have all heard about this. But the church is doing a huge thing right now. Called "He is the Gift" and apparently Times Square has a huge advertisement and on the 7th (this next Sunday) the Church as bought YouTube and all the advertising all this Sunday will only be the Church. How freaking great is this? I love this Church!

Well like I said, this week wasn't the most exciting nor was it that long, but I'm really grateful to be here serving my mission. I know that this church is true and that the true meaning of Christmas is just that. CHRISTmas. When we have the light of Christ in our life we can truly doing anything. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú