Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mission? Assigned!

So, my mission papers have officially been submitted. That was a fun experience all in itself. Up at college, wards and interviews are a little bit different than back home. If you want an interview with the Stake President, you need to sign up for an interview. My ward meets at 9 am, so I went into the Stake President's office to sign up for an interview, and they said that they could take me back right then! So I might have missed the first little bit of sacrament meeting, but it's okay! I met with President Rasband, and at the end of my interview he turned around his computer and said, "Sister Karratti, will you do the honors?" So I pressed, yes, and my mission papers were officially submitted! I was so happy! But my happiness didn't end there. 

Yesterday I received this text from my Bishop saying that they've assigned me a mission! So now the real countdown begins! This week I'll have my mission call!! It's all becoming so real and I couldn't be more happy! I have been waiting for this, my entire life! I cannot wait to get out there and serve my Heavenly Father. I've wanted to serve a mission for a really long time, I just can't believe that it's here. 

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