Monday, May 26, 2014

Another eventful week for Hermana Karratti

Yes, this has been yet another fun and very eventful week for Hermana Karate-Kid. First of all, my entire barrio (ward) calls me Hermanita Karate-Kid. So that's kinda fun. And I am finally starting to recognize members. That itself has been so helpful! 
Our Weekly Selfie
Hermana Espinoza and I do "Insanity" workouts every day!  Bleh!!
Secondly, this week has been a little bit of a struggle. I want to learn this language so badly, because I really don't like sitting in lessons where I only understand about 30% of what is being said. I even got yelled at by somone we were trying to teach. It wasn't anything too bad. Just a new investigator and I was struggling a little and trying to tell him something about the Plan of Salvation and I couldn't remember a few words, and he got frustrated and told me, "Why are you in my country and you can't speak my language?" Yes it was a little frustrating to say the least. But every day is getting better. 
Guess Who I Saw Last Week?
Elder Harrison Miller from back home.
I actually believe that God has a sense of humor, because after that certain lesson. My companion and I were running a little late for our next lesson with a less active member. So to be faster, we decided to take a moto-taxi. Which is a taxi, but a little smaller. It only can fit like 2-3 people and it's a little easier in the small roads here. Anyways, we asked the driver to take us to Calle 8. And he said okay. Then he drove, and drove, and drove. My companion started freaking out cause we had no idea where we were! She kept asking the driver, "Where are you going?" He would say, "Calle 8. Calle 8!" But we had no idea. I don't exactly know why... But I just started laughing so hard. Because we weren't in our area anymore. I knew that for sure. Finally Hna. Espinoza just said, "Okay! Our stop is right here." So we got out, and walked up to someone to ask where we were. He recoginized us as missionaries. And then he said, "Are you new missionaries to this mission? Because I haven't seen you two before" And we asked what mission he was talking about. We were in freaking Lima West Mission! We weren't even in our mission anymore! When he told me that, I literally almost fell to the floor laughing so hard. I couldn't stop laughing! I was just way too funny!! We took another moto-taxi back to our mission, and it was just a hilarious night. Exactly what I needed after our lesson. 
This is what a Moto-Taxi looks like.  In case anyone was curious.
Other than that really fun experience, my week has been good. We are starting to have a few investigators, and one of our investigators speaks English! So it's really nice to talk to her and teach her. The only really hard part is that I don't know the lessons in English. That's hard to teach. But when I want to explain something better, I can do it in English and that's really nice! We also have another investigator, Jhon, yes spelled like that. And honestly, he reminds me of Dad, Uncle Kimo, and Uncle Ed all in one person! When we first met him it sorta freaked me out! 
I Got Pictures/Letters!  One Happy Missionary Here!
But really, it's been a great week! I love being a missionary, even though the language is tough. But I love it! I miss you all, and I hope everything is well for everyone!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in PerĂº

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