Monday, June 2, 2014

Preachin' in Perú

¡Buenos dias mi familia!
I hope this email finds everyone well and happy! This week was definetly a lot better than last week for Hermana Karratti. Thank you so much for your prayers! Okay, lets see. Where can I start with this week? I guess just start typing and hope it all makes sense. So, first of all, I'm sorry if this email is kinda everywhere. First of all, there is a little special needs boy who lives on our street. And every single day for the past 2 weeks, he comes to his front door at 11:30when we walk by and we have the exact same conversation, every day.

Hola! (Hola Hermanita!)
Buenos dias! (Buenos dias Hermanita!)
Como estás? (Bien Hermanita!)

But it's the best way to start every single day. I love it!  But one thing I'm not loving is the cold weather. Tempurature wise, it's not that cold. But, because of the humitity, I am FREEZING!  And it's like no matter how many layers I have on, the coldness seeps through. No bueno!  But it's really throwing off my brain, it's June and everyone is wearing jackets, scarfs, beanies, and the kids are in school. My brain is getting so thrown off by it all!
Hermana Espinoza and I and a Broken Down Car on Our Street
Her idea was to decorate the car and MORMONIFY it!
So last Monday, after writing our families my zone went to a members house and we all watched Monsters University!  Woo!  I have to say, I don't think I will ever get used to watching a movie where their mouth doesn't match what they're saying. It's so weird. But the voices were pretty funny! And on Monday night, Hna. Espinoza and I were asked to teach at a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) and I didn't know this before, but we ended up teaching at a 13-year-old Birthday Party. Kinda funny and weird at the same time. We taught the gospel to a bunch of 12-13 year olds and their families. But hey!  We got a lot of references from that. So, I'm not too upset about it! :)  So, because of those references, our week has been very busy teaching lessons. Which I love!  I love actually teaching, and not just knocking on doors all day. One funny thing happened at one of the houses we were teaching. Well, first of all, at almost every house after a lesson. We are given food of some sort. At this one specific house, we were offered Coffee. I took a picture with it just for keepsakes. I bet you can all guess what our lesson with this investigator was about. Yep, the Word of Wisdom. Always fun times here in Perú!  
Hermana Karratti and her Coffee
Another fun... or I guess it actually wasn't so fun, was on Thursday. The water was shut off here in our neighborhood (or districts as they call them here), and we didn't have water for about 2 days. So, I can now officially say that I've showered with a bucket! Weirdest experience ever! Ha! Nothing more to really say about that. Just very.... interesting!

But again, this week has been a million times better than last week. I'm loving my mission!  Honestly truly, it's the best!
My District - Carabayllo
I hope you're all doing well, and know that I miss you all so much and you're all in my prayers. I love you all!!

Love always,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

P.S. If you love me.... SEND GOLDFISH CRACKERS PLEASE!! You have no idea how badly I miss Goldfish!

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