Monday, June 16, 2014

Jesucristo sufrio por nuestros...Pescados??

¡Buenos dias familia y amigos! ¿Como estan?
I hope and pray this finds you all well and happy. Well, first of all I want to tell you something super great. I SHOOK DALLIN H. OAKS HAND!!!! Yes, this past Saturday my entire mission was together to listen to Elder and Sister Oaks. Oh my goodness! They were amazing! And one other thing, Elder Oaks has such a sense of humor. I would have never guessed it from his General Conference talks. They're always so serious! But he spoke to us about how more than half of the members in the world are native Spanish speakers, and how he wishes that he would have studied Spanish more. He also shared this really funny saying:

English is the language of Commerce.
German is the language of Science.
Italian is the language of Music.
France is the language of Love.
Spanish is the language of Prayer.
And when you pray in Spanish... the Lord answers in Portuguese. 

Anyways, they were wonderful! And, the person who played the piano wasn't half bad either. "hint-hint" Me!
On Our Way to Hear Elder Oaks
Some missionaries in my District on the bus ride to listen to Elder Oaks
Okay, about the subject line. We were in a lesson about 7 at night the other day, and we hadn't had dinner yet, and needless to say, I was really hungry! All I was thinking about was food. Anyways, we were teaching about the atonement, and it was my turn to speak. I said, "Jesucristo sufrió por nuestros pescados." When is should have been,"Jesucristo sufrió por nuestros pecados." Because pescados is the word for fish, and pecados is the word for sin. So all in all I told them that Jesus Christ suffered for our fish. Yes... it was embarrasing! But the family was so great! The dad responded as he was laughing, "did he suffer for chicken and rice too?" We all got a great laugh out of it. 

Speaking of "Pescados"
Oh!  One sorta exciting but super nerve racking at the same time thing! Yesterday, right before Sacrament meeting, our Bishop asked my companion and I to speak in church, THAT DAY! So, with like no time to prepare a talk, and with it having to be entirely in Spanish, I was so stressed!  But, I somehow made it through.  Hermana Espinoza said it was good and that you could understand me.  I honestly don't remember much of what I said, all I really remember is this quote I said, "Individualmente, somos fuertes; junto con Dios, somos invencibles." -Rosemary M. Wixom  but in English it means, "Individually we are strong, together with God, we are unstoppable."  I just love that quote!  Because with God, all things are possible!

Well, the language is slowly getting better. But hey, there's one great thing about having English as my first language. I'm asked all the time to say words in English and to teach people English all the time. My favorite is when the kids in my ward ask me to say their name in English. It reminds me of when Bryant asked Brandon what his name was in Chinese. "Bryant!" Ha, the names are pretty much the exact same. I like being the teacher for once! 

Anyways, teaching lessons this past week has been pretty difficult. Not because people aren't home, because they are! It's because their T.V is on. But more importantly, FIFA is on. FIFA is the huge world wide soccer tournament. And it's basically a month and a half long Super-Bowl party. And when a game is on, it's like the world stops. It's the weirdest thing, walking around the street at about 2:30 in the afternoon and there isn't anyone in the streets. Everyone is so focused on the game. And as we're walking, we can tell if a goal has been made. Because everyone in their houses start cheering like crazy!!

But, in the few lessons that we were able to have, were wonderful! About a week ago we started teaching this family. Santos, Vilma (10), and Maribel (13). Santos is the mother to Vilma, and Maribel is her niece who lives with them. They're great! They are always so excited when we arrive, and I love it! But the best part was is, we commited them to baptism! My first one!! My companion told me before the lesson that I would be the one asking them, and I was so nervous! But I did it!! And they accepted! I'm so excited for that! Please keep them in your prayers! 

Multi-Zone Activity - Hermana's Only
Last P-day we had a multi-zone, but solo Hermanas activity.  It was really fun!! 
Well, I'm really excited for this upcoming week! Because Friday is a very special, special day. It's my companions birthday! Woo!!! And we're going to the temple on that day as well. So it's even more special! I'm super excited because in our mission, we're allowed to attend the temple 2 times a year. Because the Lima temple is in the Lima East mission which is a little over an hour drive away. But we're going on Friday! Happy Birthday Hermana Espinoza!!

All in all, I'm so happy and blessed to be a missionary at this time. I love it sooo much! It's the best! The spirit is the greatest, and everything is wonderful. Yes, it's hard! The hardest thing I've ever done. I wake up every day thinking, "Is it time for bed yet?" I'm so tired! But it'll all be worth it! Really, being a missionary rocks! It's the (ask your mom) I'm so beyond blessed to be serving here in Perú!

I hope again that this finds you all well and happy and you know that I miss and love you all! Pray for the missionaries! We need it! Also send letters! They're the best!

Love you all!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

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