Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy Busy Week!

First of all, I want to apologize for last week.
It was so rushed and I feel bad for that… Please forgive me!  But, this last week was certainly a handful, but I honestly couldn’t be happier!  Last night while I was writing in my journal, I remembered something crazy!  One year ago today, I was giving my farewell talk in church.  Crazy to see how much has happened in one short year.  This coming week I’ll finish 1 year as a missionary!  Time is flying way too fast.
SELFIE ... My Cute Companion and I
Well, this last week wasn't a week of a lot of picture taking, again I'm sorry, But I'll explain why. We've been teaching a family Martin y Pilar and they want to be baptized! WOO! But, they're not married. Well, it's very common here in Peru. Many families aren't married, they just live together. They have a family, kids, but aren't married. Well, the mission helps a lot! Almost every month we have a "Matrimonio Masivo" which is a huge wedding where a bunch of couples can get married at the same time and it's a lot cheaper than a normal wedding. Well, we're helping Martin y Pilar prepare for this on the 27th of March. So, this week my companion and I have been running around like crazy trying to get everything in order. But, it's all good! If everything goes through like we hope and pray, they will be baptized the day after, the 28th of March! Them and their family. There are 5 of them. Hermana Valdez and I are soo excited for them! Please keep them in your prayers! 
Two Elders in my District, Hermana Valdez and Me
Last thing, to make last week even more eventful and jam-packed, my companion had immigration's. So, I went to another area to work for the day. And this is the best part... guess where I went? I was able to work in Carabayllo! My first area!  I was so happy. I was able to see a few of the members. Everyone was surprised at my language and how much better it's gotten. But, I was so happy to see them again and be in that area.
New Living Quarters
Feels like a Sauna Inside!  So Hot!
Mainly that has been our entire week! Pretty crazy! But we're both happy and healthy. I couldn't be happier to be working and serving my Lord and Savior. I hope this finds you all well and happy! Have a wonderful week and know you're always in my thoughts and prayers! 

Love and miss you ALL!!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

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