Monday, March 2, 2015

Looking Forward to Another Great Week!!!

Good Morning to everyone! 
I hope and pray that this finds you all well and happy! This week was great, but this upcoming week! Hard work really pays off! My companion, Hermana Valdez and I have been working so hard! And we're very excited for this week because we will be having 3 baptisms! WOO-HOO!! We're so excited! First of all we'll have Luciana who will be getting baptized on her birthday this Friday. Her family have been less-active for years but thanks to her willingness to be baptized, they have re-activated in the church and we're so happy. And on Saturday, we'll have Paulino and Francisca, our little "abuelitos" they're the cutest couple and they have such a desire to be closer to God.
Lunch with Hermana Stephanie ... She's Wonderful!
My companion, Hermana Valdez, is in sunglasses due to a bug bite and her eye was swollen.  Poor girl!
Well, I'll have so much to tell you next week, but this past week was also great! My Ward had a HUGE Talent Show this past Friday which was awesome! We even had Hermano Miguel (my ward mission leader from Canto Rey) come and help out! It was the greatest. On Friday, my companion and I were setting up the chairs for the activity and we received a text from Hermano Miguel saying that he couldn't come, he said that he was on the other side of Lima and it would take hours to be there. Needless to say we were all very sad because we had told everyone that they're would be a show and a clown and all the members were very excited. My companion and I were in shock.... What do we do? Well, 2 minutes later we receive a call from Hermano Miguel apologizing, saying that he feels terrible for not being able to come. I told him it's okay, we'll find a solution. He said, forgive me Hermana Karratti. We ended the call, and my companion and I walked out front of the church, we opened the gate so that members could start walking in, and guess who walked up... Hermano Miguel! I was shocked! He said, "Hermana, with everything that you've done for me, there is no way I wouldn't do this for you." I was so happy! Hermano Miguel truly is the greatest. I wish you all could meet him, because he is one of a kind!
Talent Show with Hermano Miguel!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep the missionaries in your prayers. I love and miss you all soo much!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

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