Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola de Tahuantinsuyo

Good Morning everyone! How are you all this morning? 
I'm wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Well, I'm now writing you from me new area, my 4th area in the mission, Tahuantinsuyo. I'm here with Hermana Luis, my FIRST PERUVIAN COMPANION!! Finally! And, something interesting about Hermana Luis, we entered the CCM (Peru MTC) together, so I've known her my entire mission. It's crazy! Hermana Luis and I are here in Tahuantinsuyo as Sister Training Leaders, and it's a brand new experience. We help the Hermanas in 3 Zones. We have 9 Companionships that we work with! But it’s actually really interesting and I'm learning a lot. 
My Companion, Hermana Luis and I
All of us were in the CCM together,
Now, we are all Sister Training Leaders in my Mission.  Love them All!!
Well, this week was filled with a lot of getting to know new people and getting used to my new area. Funny part about this area, it was the last area that my mom, Hermana Espinoza, served in. All the members say, "the mom left, and in comes the daughter." But I really like this Ward and the area that I'm serving in. It's a lot cleaner than my last, but I'm still going to miss Los Angeles a lot. 
One of our Lunches this Week.... IT WAS SOO GOOD!
But, something cool about this area, I'm learning Spanish Sign Language!! One of our converts in our area is deaf, and is mute. So, to be able to teach him or have him participate in those lessons, we have to use sign. And, in order for us to help him, he teaches us sign. It’s soo cool! I'm learning a lot, and I only have one week here. I can even give a prayer in Sign Language. Kinda cool. 
"I looked at my Shoe and what did I see..."
13 Months!  What?
Anyways, nothing else has really happened. I'm really grateful for this assignment and being able to work in this area. I love my companion, she is so great! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! You're the greatest!!

Love you and miss you alll!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

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