Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Independence Day Perú

Good Morning to all and Feliz dìa de Perù!
As I was walking to internet today, we were walking down the street and there are Peruvian flags everywhere and everything is white and red! I'm so happy to be here! I love Perú!!

Anyways, this week was a little rough for Hermana Karratti. It started off wonderful and ended great! But in the middle... well, not so good. I guess I'll start with the bad and then end with all the good! How does that sound?

Bad part: Hermana Espinoza and I were watching a parade on Friday and there were a lot of people passing by. We were enjoying the parade, then I look back and my bag was open and my wallet was gone. Not a fun day, I'll tell you that. But after a lot of prayer, I was comforted. Apparently someone else needed the money more than me. 

Okay, now the good parts of this week! We have not only 1 but 2 baptism dates! Yay!! One girl that we've been teaching is 12 years old. And yesterday at church her mom gave her permission to be baptized! I'm really happy about that! The other is a 19 year old girl, her name is Milagros. She's been a PERFECT investigator! Her best friend is a member and the first lesson that we had with Milagros, she walked in with her Libro de Mormon and a Principles of the Gospel book. Apparently her best friend had given her these and told her to read them. She is awesome! We planned for her baptism and she accepted the 16th of next month! I hope it goes through! Yay!!

Well anyways, sorry this letter is so short. Don't really have a lot of time this week. Sorry! I'll catch up again next week. Sorry!!

Love you all!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

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