Monday, July 7, 2014


¡Buenos dias a todos! ¿Como están?
As every week, I hope this finds you all happy and well. Okay, what crazy things happen to Hermana Karratti this week? Actually, not anything too crazy. Just mostly trying not to freeze! Yes, it's getting pretty cold here. And it's weird, in Utah when I was cold, I put on a jacket and I was fine. But here, I put on a jacket and another and I'm still cold. It's like the coldness and the humidity just seep through. Ha the struggle is real! Anyways, Happy belated 4th of July! Being in another country on the 4th of July was a little weird. No fireworks, no BBQs, just another normal day as a missionary. But hey! One of the members in my ward knew it was "American day" so she gave us hamburgers. I guess that'll have to do as my festivities.
KFC with my Old Zone before Transfers.
(I've eaten more KFC here than my whole life in the US)
So English, oh boy I love English. And this week it was a huge blessing that I speak it. We were knocking on doors trying to find new investigators, we knocked on a door and this woman answered. She was talking with my companion, and my comp was trying to ask her if we could share a little message with her. She at first said no, then she looked at me, then she said, "You're an American, right?" I said yes, then she spoke a little English. She told me that she's trying to learn more English for her job but she doesn't have anyone to practice with. So, I asked her if we could come back and talk with her and I'd help her with English. She happily said, "Yes! Please!" So we've been back to her house a few times. Every time we help her with some words, and then somehow we tie the words into a scripture. Share the scripture and that's basically every visit with her. But on Saturday when we visited her, we gave her a Libro de Mormón, and then she asked, "Do you have this book in English? Because I want to read it in English!" So tonight in our lesson with her, we'll be giving her a Book of Mormon! How exciting!
The Other Day a Member Made us these Scarfs!  Cute right?
Other fun adventures... oh yes! So first let me explain the houses here. Carpet doesn't really exist here. My entire house is basically just cement walls and cement floors and every house is pretty much like that. Anyways, on Thursday the woman that we rent our house from was having a gas line put in. But she had to go through our house to have it put into her house. So Thursday we had them drill a gas line through our entire apartment. We had cement, dirt, dust and everything EVERYWHERE in our house! It was pretty exciting I must say. Anyways, all Friday we cleaned. From the time we woke up until about 2:30 in the afternoon! Nothing but fun. 
My Bed after we had the Gas Line put in
Well, I hope you're all doing well and you know that I miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week! And please write me!!

Love you all so much!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Preachin' in Perú

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