Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week was Wonderful! Really it Was!

I just love being a missionary and serving here in Perú.
This week was my companions birthday, we committed someone to baptism, we didn’t have any electricity (okay, that was the bad part), and being called an ELDER!  

So, Hermana Alvarez is 20! Woo! This past Friday was a beautiful day! First of all it was the first day in almost 2 weeks where there was sun! It’s been over-cast, raining, and freezing for these past 2 weeks. But finally, we have sun! And it’s starting to get hot here. Oh no… Anyways, my companions birthday! So, every Friday night we have a “noche misional” in the church. This past Friday we had a BINGO night, which was VERY successful by the way. Afterwards we went to a members house and had a little party. Cake, friends, and great memories. Again, one last time… FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS HERMANA ALVAREZ!!!
Birthday Party for Hermana Alvarez
Birthday Cake!!
Well 2 weeks ago, my companion and I contacted 2 teenage boys on the street, they had their guitars on their backs and we just decided to talk to them. We invited them to the English class on Wednesday and didn't think too much about it afterwards. Well, Wednesday comes, and guess who was at the door waiting for us to start our class? Those same 2 boys with their guitars. Well after the class we started teaching them, Josè and Jhordan, and now they are progressing really well! Jose, who is 16, accepted a date to be baptized! Woo! But we are waiting for his mom to give him permission. She said that when can see a change him him she will sign. But really he is great! We give him sections to read in the Book of Mormon and we meet with him the next day, and he has finished the sections and wanting a new chapter to read. We are really excited for Jose! Actually, excited for both of them!
My Band!!
Jose and Jhordan with a few other members.  I sing and they play.
Anyways, the only bad part of this week was being without electricity... And that also mean, cold cold water! Here, all water is cold. If you want it heated, it's done electrically. If you want a hot shower, you turn on the water, then you flip a switch and it heats the water. Well, for some reason, last Monday night when we came home. we didn't have any light. Nor did we have light for the rest of the week! Not fun having a cold shower... But, it sure does wake you up in the mornings! But don't worry, we now have light and hot water. So Hermana Alvarez and I are very happy about that!

Lastly, apparently I'm an Elder!  Last Tuesday we had a multi-zone conference. And I was given a certificate for completing my first 12 weeks in the field. There's a training for the new missionaries, and once you've completed you recieve a certificate! Well, I finished... but one of my brothers gets my certificate since it says, "ELDER KARRATTI" When President handed it to me, I looked at the certificate, laughed and said. "Presidente, soy una hermana." He looked at it, grabbed it back, rolled his eyes, and started laughing. Everyone else started laughing, as well. And for the rest of the conference I was referred to as "Elder Karratti".
Elder Karratti
Again, I love being a missionary and it's crazy that I am almost to my 6 months mark! Time sure flies when you're having fun! I know this church is true and I know I'm needed here! I love you all and miss you dearly! Pray for the missionaries! We need it!!

Love you all!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

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