Monday, September 29, 2014


So, Jose was baptized! Woo Hoo!! 
Ah, Saturday was such a wonderful day. It was just beautiful. A really perfect day for a baptism. Hermana Alvarez (yes, I'm still with Hermana Alvarez. YAY!) and I were talking about how great it's been with Jose. Starting off as just a contact in the street, to now being a new member. He's really changed since the first time we met him, and having the opportunity to watch him take this next step in his life was awesome. On Friday night while we were teaching him, he asked us about the Priesthood. We explained it a little more, then my companion said, "If you want, you can baptize your best friend, Jhordan, because he accepted a date for the 18th of October." I wish so badly that you all could have seen his face when we told him this. He had the biggest smile on his face, and he was so happy! He said, "This church is great!" En serio, how amazing is this? THIS IS WHY I'M HERE IN PERU!!!! 
Hermana Alvarez and I with Jose
All in all, this week was a little difficult, but I don't really remember much of it. Mostly I remember how wonderful Saturday was. Most upsetting part about this upcoming week is that I won't be able to see General Conference this weekend. Darn! Here in Peru, elections are on the 4th and 5th, and it's a law that everyone has to vote or you pay a huge fine. Also, to ensure that everyone votes, ALL churches will be closed. Us as missionaries are supposed to treat it as a normal day. It'll be weird, that's for sure. My Stake that I'm serving in, will be watching Conference on the 11th and 12th. So, don't tell me about Conference next week... please! 
My Peruvian Twin
Dayana and her little brother Cristhian
Well, I am now past my 6 months! My companion was pretty funny on Thursday. She told me, "I know you're not a greenie anymore, but you'll always be a GRINGA!" She's pretty great I have to say. That night. I walked out of the bathroom, and on my desk was a little cake, Snickers (don't know where she found them), M&M's, and the cake had a 6 candle on the top. She sang, "Feliz 6 Meses!" lit a match to light the candle on the cake. She is seriously the coolest cat!!
My 6 Months Cake
Anyways, I love being a missionary and I am so happy to be serving here in Canto Rey. And I am also so happy to have another transfer with Hermana Alvarez. She's awesome!! 
My Companion and I being the Dorks that we are.
Playing on a Members Bike.
I know I'm needed here in Peru and I know without a doubt that this is the true and restored church. I love and miss you all dearly. Keep the missionaries in your prayers!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Peru

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