Monday, November 24, 2014

THANK YOU!! It's O-FISH-al. I have the best family ever!!

I was so happy when I received it. Thank you a million!! This week has been great! And I couldn't be happier! 
Last week as I told you all, we went to the Center of Lima. We were able to tour some of the churches in Lima, mostly catholic churches, and it was interesting learning some new things about different religions. 
My Zone in the Center of Lima
But my favorite part was being able to leave the mission and see something new. Also, being able to see and visit a FIRE STATION here in PerĂº!! I was really happy to visit with some of the "Bomberos" and tell them that my dad and brother are also Firefighters. 
 Also this week my companion and I made some new friends, we were on our way to teach one of our investigators and there was a group of girls playing volley-ball. Well my companion started playing with them, and then they invited me. They only wanted me to play because I was tall, and I could spike the ball. But afterwards we were able to share a little with them on who we were and why we were in skirts. We invited them to church and our activities, and this past Sunday 2 of them came! We were really excited when they walked in! 
My New Friends after our Volleyball Game
We also met a wonderful woman Hermana Candelaria, please keep her in your prayers. She has Cancer in her lungs and she's not doing so well. We actually met her through her son. We were walking in the street and her son, Miguel, contacted us! He asked us if we could come bless his mom. We talked with him a little and found out what was wrong and afterwards we called the Elders. We met her and she is a wonderful woman. She's only 55 years old but she looks close to 80 with how sick she is. It's really sad. Please keep her in your prayers! We trying to do everything we can for her.

Well family and friends, I love you and miss you ALL!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week and eat lots of Turkey for me!! Keep the missionaries in your prayers! Have a great week!!

Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en PerĂº

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