Monday, January 5, 2015

Hola 2015!!

Happy New Years everyone!! 
I hope this year will bring you all happiness and joy, because it's sure doing that for me! This past week my zone had interviews with President Erickson and during my interview he told me, "Hermana Karratti, this is your year... I can just feel it!" So, this is my year! And it's going to be amazing!! 
Her Name is Gionella
She found me at Church and told me Thank You for Baptizing her Cousin, Jose Nieva
I'm now in Jose Nieva's Cousins Ward!  What a Small World this is.
Well, New Years here in Perú is soo different! Everything is YELLOW! Yellow apparently means good luck and success, so everything is yellow. People even paint their houses yellow! We were given little toys that were yellow. It was awesome! But on the 31st at Midnight there were a million fireworks! SO MANY! My companion and I couldn't really sleep that night because it was so loud. But it was fun! 
Also last P-Day the missionaries in my zone decided to do a Carnival. Another crazy tradition here in Perú. All the month of February people throw water at you. A way to show your love or something. But us as missionaries were just "practicing" for February. We had tons of water balloons and we just went at it. At the end all of us were soaking wet from head to toe, but it was nice! It's so hot here and the water feels amazing! This Hermana really misses the water! We have a pool that's in our area and every day I pass it and I just want to jump in! Ahh! 
The Zone Water War/Party!
Oh Mom! Please thank the Young Women in the ward for their letter! I received it this week and it made me really happy. Sadly I don't know who half of them are... But thanks anyways. Missionaries love letters (hint, hint) Send Letters please!!
My Letter from the Young Women back home.  Thank You St. James Ward!!
Well I love you all and I'm really excited for this New Year. I hope it brings you all happiness and joy... and wear a lot of YELLOW!!
Con mucho amor,
Herm'ANNA' Karratti
Predicando en Perú

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